Q: Do you ship internationally?

A:We do ship internationally, how ever the cost of shipping is usually around the value of the order, we have assigned separate feeders with a blue label for international buyers to accurately measure shipping for you.


Q: Can I use a SeedMate bird feeder as a water bath or drinking bowl?

A: Although our feeders can hold water, we dont guarantee it to be used in this way.  The SeedMate bird feeder is designed for the use of food.


Q: Can I pickup my order?

A: To keep our our prices as low as possible for our customers, we don't have a pick up option for online orders. If you buy from one of our re-seller pet shops, by all means you can head over and maybe even see it in action!


Q: Do you have a re-seller in my location?

A: All of our re-sellers are listed under our buy in-store page. Unfortunately at this stage we are only present in Australian stores.

If we dont have a re-seller in your area you are more than welcome to pass our details on to your local pet store and hopefully they may be interested in becoming a stockist.


Q: My local shops prices are higher than on your website, how come?

A: Some of our re-sellers are in quite remote areas of the country but still want to provide you our fantastic product, unfortunately this comes with expensive shipping just to be able to stock them for you. a lot of our re-sellers have to build this expense into their pricing. Even at a higher price it is generally more cost effective to the customer to buy in-store than to order online. Some pet stops also have very high costs to provide the convenience of a store, this can also effect the price.


Q: Have a question?

A: Send us a message via our CONTACT US page.