For some years I battled with constant mess on the floor around my bird cages. I tried cage skirts and expensive feeders that claimed to reduce the mess without success. My birds, an Eclectus parrot and an Indian Ringneck are inquisitive creatures and will play with their food if they can. Their seed would usually end up out of the bowl within minutes and spread to all corners of the floor! 


In my experience, ordinary bird feeders just don't do the job. If your birds are like mine, 10% of the seed and/or fresh fruit and vegetables goes in their bellies and 90% ends up either at the bottom of the cage or on your living room floor!


Something needed to be done (or so my wife said). I decided to design a product that would allow the bird to go into the feeder, eat and leave whilst leaving the mess inside. I made my first prototype out of plastic food containers and was astonished at the results. Since then I have refined the design of my SeedMate Bird Feeder and I'm now offering it to other bird lovers out there so that you too can live without the mess.


See below for some the great features of the SeedMate Bird Feeder.




  • Specially designed slip resistant perch for stability whilst eating

  • Crystal clear acrylic food grade to watch your feathered friend eat

  • Universal design allows the feeder to be placed both inside and outside the cage

  • Fits any cage, big or small

  • Bottom lip to prevent the mess from escaping!
  • Can be used for other foods such as fruit, vegetables, pellets, water, etc

  • Removable perch for easier cleaning



  • Large SeedMate Bird Feeder
    • African Grey  |  Amazon  |  Eclectus  |  Alexandrines  |  Cockatoos  |  And More...


  • Small SeedMate Bird Feeder
    • Finches  |  Lovebirds  |  Canaries  |  Budgies  |  Cockatiels  |  Lorikeets  |  Small Doves  |  Small Doves  |  Caiques  |  Conures  |  Indian Ringnecks  |  And more...